State aid consultancy

We offer support in preparing and submitting the application for state aid.
Consulting services include three phases in starting the process of obtaining state aid.

Phase 1:

Structuring the project and determining the most suitable financing mechanism according to specific eligibility criteria

Our services:

  • Collecting the necessary information and doing research;
  • Structuring the investment project according to the company’s needs and business plans;
  • Identifying the most suitable financial mechanism for the investment project;
  • Assessing the eligibility of the company and of the project according to the eligibility criteria specific to the identified financial mechanism.

Key deliverables: Assessment report and calculation of potential incentive

Phase 2:

Assistance in preparing the application for financing the investment project

Our services:

  • Assistance with the preparation of the company’s business plan (e.g. presentation of the investment and the applicant, the investment plan, substantiation of the employment plan, market analysis, company’s sales & marketing strategy, computation, analysis and justification of investment’s regional development contributions, analysis and justification of financial and economic indicators, analysis and justification of qualitative indicators, financial analysis – financial model, projected cash flows statement, projected balance sheet and profit and loss statements);
  • Assistance with the preparation of the application file and financing request;
  • Assistance in the relation with the competent authorities during the analysis of the financing application.

Key deliverables

  • Business plan
  • Employment plan/Investment plan
  • Financing application file

The deliverable will be in the Romanian language.

Phase 3:

Implementation stage

Our services:

  • Elaboration of the internal procedure for the acquisition and selection of suppliers so as to comply with the principles of: non-discrimination, equal treatment, mutual recognition, transparency, proportionality and efficiency of the use of funds;
  • Monitoring the investment plan compared to the approved one, as follows:
    • monthly verification of the physical and financial status of the construction contracts, the correctness of the preparation of the works statements from the perspective of the classification of the works in eligible and ineligible categories and the correct takeover in the estimate per object;
    • monthly verification of the physical and financial status of contracts for the purchase of technical installations, machinery and equipment.
  • Providing models and checking all the documents that will be submitted for payment (invoices, explanatory notes, affidavits, accounting notes, account statements, photos of assets);
  • Filling in the forms requested by the Ministry (request for reimbursement, expense statement, annexes); assistance in assembling the payment files including the necessary documentation for reimbursement of payment instalments and submission of files.
  • Assistance during meetings with representatives of the granting authority, if any.

Collection of State Aid