About us

A group of knowledgeable people, a skilled team, the ones you call when you need to solve something quickly and well. We are the Savvy team.

We are a team of experts and specialists in multiple areas – accounting, taxation, auditing, grant consulting, financial management, inventory, organizational culture and human resources, legal advice – which complement each other and work in harmony. This way we deliver to our customers efficient solutions, which use our knowledge, constantly updated, and creativity, always tested.

As of 2022, SAVVY Finance is the only Romanian independent member affiliated with the GGI Global Alliance, the world’s largest multidisciplinary association.

Accounting and financial expertise

Do you need an accountant, a financial analyst, a consultant or an auditor?


Organizational culture

Do you want to find the right people for your business or do you want to develop an organizational culture that attracts and retains employees?

Assistance in relations with the authorities

Do you find relations with the authorities difficult and time consuming?


Business consulting

Do you have a growing business but are not sure what is the best direction for your development?


Evaluation and optimization

Do you need tailored tax optimization or an objective assessment of your business performance?


Experience in various fields

We have specialists ready to answer these questions, we’re just a phone or email away.


We grow up together

You start a thriving business, it grows nicely and then you find that you have reached the point where things decline just because you don’t have the right partners.

In the whirlwind of events, it’s important to have a team that you can rely on when it comes to financial-administrative issues and human resources.

We believe in long-term relationships and transparency, in promises made and in services at fair prices.

Our experience

Financial services 100%
Business consulting 100%
Legal advice 100%

Our Team

We can find the solutions you need

Our experience is relevant for companies of different sizes and a lot of industries, from services, production, tourism, advertising, to retail or forestry